Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Now a quad core for about 3K

Prices are simply going southwards while the spec sheet seem to always go north. The Fly brand has released a new set of smartphones, and the most interesting of these is the Fly Snap (available here: It has a quad core CPU, 4GB of internal storage, 512 MB of RAM (ya that is a catch here), 5MP primary and 2MP secondary camera (surprise, surprise!) , a 3G phone, expandable storage up to 16GB and running Android Kitkat.

Now that is a lot of specs for a ~3K INR phone. No wonder Android is the no 1 OS as far as numbers go. Quality and experience is a different matter though.

( Note to Fly guys, if they are reading this - would be happy to review the device, if they send me one review device ;-) )

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lumia 535: a super quick look

I had a quick access to Lumia 535, and here is a quick look at the device. 

Specs wise this is a good phone. A quad core snapdragon 200, 5" qVGA screen with Corning gorilla glass protection, 1GB RAM, 8GB internal storage expandable to 128GB, Windows Phone 8.1 with latest update. 

Pricewise, you get this phone from stores for about 8700/-, where as online prices could be a bit lower. 

I found the device to be really smooth, as with all the devices running windows phone. The main camera quality is ok (in comparison to Lumia 520, this one can't record a HD video, but has better lowlight performance due to presence of flash and slightly better camera sensor). The selfi camera too good, I have a feeling that it takes better shots than even my iPhone in some conditions. But then again the main camera is a hit and a miss (doesn't perform consistently as opposed to iPhone), is slow to load ( I have no idea if it will ever be fixed - hope there is with Windows 10).

Battery life seems to be fine, lasting over a day with quite heavy usage. 

Other software features like Cortana work, but I think currently it is more of a novelty than actually getting things done. It is in Alpha release in India, so things are bound to improve.

I found that this device to terrific for sub 10k devices. The only gripe that I have with this device is that the rear camera is not upto mark. Other devices in this price category gave better specs, but run Android. And I can't recommend Android over Windows Phone to first time users, simply because the experience with Windows Phone is far superior and consistent. If you really want Android phone, the android one devices are a good bet, but the current phones in the market have almost homogenous specs which are best described as "OK" for an Android phone.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Nokia 215, the least expensive internet connected phone from Microsoft available in India

The Nokia 215 is finally available more than a month after it was initially announced. You can get it from the Microsoft store hosted at Indiatimes shopping site (

What is interesting however is that the Firefox smart phones launched in India are a bit cheaper than Nokia 215 (see for instance: It is possible however that the experience of Nokia 215 may be just better than using the Firefox OS with quite low end specs.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

This is exactly why the launch pricing of Microsoft Lumia 435 is completely wrong

And it is not any great logic, but simply this news piece: For the exact same price of Lumia 435 (, you get remarkably spec for a smartphone. The major differentiator being the 5MP front facing and 8MP rear camera in comparison to paltry 0.3MP front and 2MP back camera of the Lumia 435.

Microsoft, at the current price point, it is simply very difficult to actually recommend a Lumia 435, unless, of course if one is looking for a Windows based phone or is a Microsoft fan!

And, oh, I am not sure if any one actually purchases the overpriced 128GB SD cards ( which is even more expensive than the phone itself!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Micromax Joy: about the cheapest phone in India?

Micromax just launched Joy X1800 and X1850, two phones below 800 INR, that could well be the cheapest phones in India (see

Of these X1800 is the cheaper at 699 INR. The most interesting aspect is probably not the price, it is the packaging: you get the phones in a pouch! This is probably the first time a phone is available in a pouch.

The X1800 is a standard phone that has all the basic features including dual GSM SIM, SD card support, FM radio, a flash and even a very low quality 320px (below VGA!) camera. The X1800 comes with a a 700 mAh battery.

Lumia 435 gets a ridiculous price of 5999/- in India

Yes, this is a total bummer. Lumia 435 gets priced at 5999/- INR in India (see here: At this price, you did better buy one of the Android One phones, of if you just don't like Android, wait for the Lumia 435 to prices to drop around 4K INR.

Zen 105 could be cheapest Firefox phone in India

Zen 105 could be currently the cheapest Firefox phone available in India (see eBay: